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Q: Who Do We Work For?

Broadly speaking, we work for homeowners and businesses. Additionally, we do estate and air B & B landscape management as well as manage historic properties.

Q: Are We Licensed and Insured?

We are licensed and insured for both your and our protection. We are also a South Carolina State certified, licensed, and insured pesticide applicator company. Liability insurance certificates are available upon request.

Q: Do We Mow Lawns?

Typically, no – we are not a lawn maintenance company. However, we mow lawns case-by-case as part of an estate or air B & B landscape management package. Additionally, we do sod installation and often consult with homeowners and business owners about sod issues.

Q: How Does the Estimate Process Work?

  1. To request a service estimate, please get in touch with us by phone at 803-445-9105. Or you may email us at [email protected] or fill out the contact information on this website and let us know what services you are interested in.
  2. If you contact us via email or the website, someone will contact you by phone to discuss your request typically within 24 hours (weekends and holidays excluded). A site visit can then be scheduled to discuss the services you are interested in and do a general assessment. Estimates for services are generally free unless they require design work.
  3. A written estimate will be sent to your email box through an online private portal for you to examine. Typically, our estimates are itemized to make it easier for you to make budgetary decisions. Once you review the estimate, you can approve it online or mark it for revision.
  4. After we receive notification that the estimate has been approved, we will contact you by phone or email with a scheduled service. Please note that we cannot guarantee scheduled service dates because of weather conditions and other factors outside our control. We will keep you in the loop regarding any scheduling changes and confirm dates and times.
  5. If your work requires utility lines to be marked, we will contact PUPS on your behalf to have all the lines drawn, which would include electric (red), gas (yellow), water (blue), sewer (green), and telecommunications lines - ATT, Sprint, Spectrum, etc.- (orange). Unless there are extenuating circumstances, it generally takes 3-5 business days after the request is submitted for the lines to be marked.

Please note: water lines are only marked from the street to the meter (not from the meter to the house). Irrigation (sprinkler) lines, landscape lighting, and many lamp post electric lines are NOT marked. We cannot be responsible for cutting/breaking or damaging an irrigation line or landscape lighting line if they are not kept. The homeowner must mark all irrigation heads before any excavation or digging that the job requires. We can help with that if you need it!

If you are interested in our Consulting Services, a $100 fee is charged for the first hour (includes up to an hour on-site) and $75 for each additional hour. An additional fee or mileage may be charged if the site location is more than a 30-minute drive.

Q: What Is the Payment Process?

Invoices are emailed after work is complete. Payment is typically due in full when services are completed (unless other arrangements are made) and can be paid by cash, check, money orders/cashier's check. You may also pay by credit card through a secure online portal for each client. Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express payments include an additional 3% processing fee. Once payment is made, a "paid receipt" is emailed through the client portal. Payment plans can be made available upon request.

Depending upon the scope of the job, larger jobs that include large amounts of plant material, stone, sod, or other expensive materials, may require a deposit before the work can begin.

If you didn't see your question listed on our FAQs page: please get in touch with us with your specific questions – We are always glad to help!

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