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HomeScape Carolina brings a refreshing and unique approach to the landscape service industry. First, we go beyond the typical landscape company model by delivering exceptional quality and customer service for your home or business. Second, perhaps more importantly, we provide a much-needed tree and shrub preservation element that is typically overlooked.

Our experts have arboricultural knowledge and an understanding of how plants grow, develop, and respond to a myriad of constant changes in the landscape environment. Additionally, we have the skills to identify and treat plants for insects and disease during the early stages before it becomes a severe problem. With HomeScape Carolina, you can trust that your prized trees and shrubs are in the best hands.

So, whether you need the expertise of an Arborist to assess a problem with a tree or shrub or the artistry, knowledge, and skills of a landscape team to re-envision, design, and transform your existing outdoor space, HomeScape Carolina is the landscape company to call.

From landscape design and installation to tree and shrub healthcare programs, HomeScape Carolina can transform your yard into the beautiful oasis you’ve always wanted.

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Experience the difference with HomeScape Carolina. Let's work together to bring your landscape vision to life while preserving its beauty for years to come.

Landscape Consulting
  • Pre-design & Landscape Construction Consulting
  • Tree & Shrub Assessments
  • Soil Analysis
  • Arborist Consulting
    • Tree Risk Assessments
    • Tree and Shrub Diagnostic Assessments
  • Landscape Consulting
  • Lawn Care Consulting

Landscape Design & Installation

  • Landscape Design
  • Tree and shrub installation
  • Sod Installation
  • Retaining Walls & Free-standing Walls
  • Firepits
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Raised Beds and Planters
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Wooden Fencing & Decks
  • Drain Systems

Tree and Shrub Preservation

  • Plant Care Programs
  • Tree Pruning
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Disease & Pest Management
  • Tree and Shrub Deep Root Fertilization
  • Root flare excavation
  • Soil Care
    • Compaction Remediation
    • Soil Analysis
    • Soil Inoculants
  • Mulching and Composting

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"HomeScape Carolina is about as first-rate of an organization as you'll come across. From big projects like taking down 11 trees and installing an entire backyard of sod where there were only woods before to small hedge trimming ones, Steve is an absolute pro, and the quality never wavers. With friendly and knowledgeable staff who will work with you to bring your yard goals to reality, I can't recommend HomeScape enough. If you're on the fence or want them to build you one, give Steve and his guys a shout."

— Kev Roché
Irmo, SC

"I had about a 1000-square-foot area in my backyard that needed grass due to replacing a septic tank. HomeScape Carolina did an excellent job of suggesting possible solutions, giving a reasonable estimate, and installing sod after leveling and preparing the ground. I was very impressed with the owner's knowledge and the hard work, experience, and respectfulness of the two men who did the job. I recommend that you give them a call."

— Steve Bradley
Columbia, SC

"A few years ago, and in need of an arborist, our local nursery gave us Steve Pulliam's name and contact info, and we are glad they did. Not only is Mr. Pulliam a great "tree whisperer," we found out his HomeScape Carolina crew could perform many amazing improvements to our yard.

Over the years HomeScape Carolina has improved our home with drainage solutions, beautiful garden border walls, stone steps, and a retaining wall. Mr. Pulliam has helped us develop a comprehensive master plan for our backyard that will tie in all the hardscaping and landscaping together, giving us a beautiful outdoor living space.

Steve and his wonderful crew have become like family, and we look forward to their continued work in helping make this house our home."

— Patrick Lee & Wendy McMillen
Irmo, SC

"Steve and his wonderful crew have become like family, and we look forward to their continued work in helping make this house our home.

Steve Pulliam, his crew, and his company, HomeScape Carolina, exemplify off-the-charts fabulous. It wasn't just Steve's extensive knowledge of soil, plants, climate, irrigation, and the like that made all job phases pleasurable. It was the entire package. The crew is phenomenal to work with."

— Therese Franklin
Columbia, SC

"HomeScape Carolina has been an excellent resource in creating Sprout Farms, the first special needs accessible farm in SC. Their expertise, from design to project management, allowed us to complete the project in time for our Spring planting. I would highly recommend Steve and his team."

— Rhyno Coetsee
Sprout Pediatrics
Lexington, SC

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